Interested in being on a church committee?

Interested in being on a church committee?

Serving on a committee is a great way to get involved in RB Community. Below are descriptions of our current committees


Administration & Finance *

The Administration & Finance Committee oversees the finances and administrative systems of the Church. Committee members work with staff in preparing the annual budget. They oversee Church investments and endowment funds. The committee approves major capital and project expenditures, and they review and approve annual compensation and benefits expense. The Committee also develops and oversees Church policy and procedures and acts on behalf of the Church in all legal matters. We need more members "at large" with financial experience and/or training, and we should have a new member with a legal background. * Don Smith

Communications & Technology *

The Communications & Technology committee leads a wide range of technology and communications initiatives for the church. On the technology side, committee members build and help implement the strategies for how to improve the technology that our staff and congregation use and see every day. On the communications side, we communicate and promote Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church ministry and mission within RB Community and outside our church community and provide transparency of church activities. Allana Meyer (630) 870-9830

Facilities *

The facilities Committee strives to ensure our facilities are well designed, equipped and maintained in order to fulfill our mission to God. Managing church facilities is not a one-time event; however, it’s a continuous process that requires funding resources, planning, and an organized process to maintain and plan for its use. Facilities Committee is a team of Elders, Volunteers * and staff members. This team works tirelessly to ensure that the campus is kept safe, clean, maintained, and is aesthetically pleasing for members and visitors. Focus areas include:  General System Maintenance, Custodial, Meeting Space Scheduling, Campus Landscape, Campus Aesthetics, Facility Sustainment, Safety/Risk, Equipment and Systems, Supporting Events and Facility Volunteer Management. The care and maintenance of a RB Community’s property can send a strong message to those who use it. We work to create a positive impact on RB Community members and the surrounding community in which we reside. Craig Riddle

Hospitality *

The Hospitality committee focuses on welcoming all people to the Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church campus.   Hospitality staff and volunteers serve in many capacities to provide our church family and new friends fun, welcoming, Christ-centered activities at RB Community.   Hospitality includes greeting for Sunday services, decorating our campus for the holidays, hosting appreciation lunches, new member brunch, Courtyard snacks on Sunday, serving at various events planned for all age groups, Breakfast in Bethlehem, Christmas Brunch and others.   Other Hospitality coordinated events include annual Men’s and Women’s retreats, Easter Egg hunt for the kids and many other programs for fun, worship and fellowship.  Volunteers are always welcome! * Linda

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources is an area that is often behind the scenes, handling everything from hiring and firing to benefits to internal policies and procedures that help us comply with both legal and humanitarian issues.  As such, HR has been an integral group during the pandemic in dealing with staffing needs including everything from administration, facilities, congregational care and our preschool.  

Missions *

The RB Community Missions Committee is chartered to help our church fulfill the Great Commission:  to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to every person and to make disciples of all the nations.  We are a standing committee of the congregation which works to reach, serve and save God’s people beyond our church family through local mission outreach and mission/missionary support in communities beyond our reach.

Officer Nominating *

The purpose of the Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) is to identify potential candidates for leadership as elders and deacons, to evaluate their qualifications, to discern the authenticity of their calling and to forward nominees to the congregation for approval.  ONC is also responsible for soliciting nominations for and vetting two congregational representatives* for membership on the following year's ONC, presenting them to the congregation for its approval.  In addition, Session may call the ONC to bring nominations to the congregations for other committees as needed.  Scripture basis for ONC:  Titus 1:5 Frank Roberts


The mission of the Stewardship committee is to make the congregation aware of the opportunities to share their time and talents in the life of our church. Each Fall, the committee organizes the program for Annual Giving. Our goal is to be transparent in our finances so all can actively participate in the growth of our church. Linda Souerbry

Worship & Arts *

The Worship and Arts Committee is a conduit between the congregation, staff resources and Session in the areas of worship, music, theater, and visual arts. We help to educate the congregation about worship, in areas such as PCUSA beliefs, worship symbols and art in the church.  The committee provides a forum for discussing and planning long range strategies to enhance worship and to foster the growth of music and arts at RB Community. Le’ Kubow

Youth (Family) *

The Family Ministries Committee is focused on the representation of young people and families in the church.  The goal is to make families part of a network of people that nurture and support the spiritual growth of our young people.  This is a new committee seeking people* who are willing to engage in family ministries, with Session, and the larger congregation as a whole. Andy Watt

* Denotes that the committee has at-large, congregational openings for 2023.